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Deal of the week Heat rated high temp underlay for $105.00 (2 Square per roll)

How to navigate our site:

  1. Search our site and find the roof that will make your home and be the envy of your neighbourhood.
  2. Go to Google Earth and measure your home or property.
  3. Use the measuring stick on the top of the navigation bar to measure length and width.
  4. Calculate the pitch of your roof. Search google for more info.
  5. Call us for information when your ready to call a roofing installation company.

The Roofing Store ltd.™ is here to save you time & money.

  • Know what the total is for your next job.
  • Same day delivery
  • Find a list of all the addresses you have worked on your account page.
  • Find a list of all your purchases on your account page.
  • Send customers to our site after showing them the product you purpose to install.
  • Find out every little detail about each product.
  • Buy products with ease.
  • Send shipping information, times and dates for same day or next day delivery.
  • 24 hours a day customer support.
  • Receive huge discounts with every order.

If you own a home or property and need a roof you have come to the right place. Roofing in Vancouver where we are located or anywhere in North America is directly affected by the weather. The Roofing Store is a tool first and foremost. But it also is a place to shop for North America’s top roofing brands. There are many roofing products out there. Before you had to search 10 sites and call 5 suppliers to get a price. Now you just search what you are looking for, add the products and tell us where to ship the roofing materials.


Some zoom features because of original photo size will appear distorted. 

Pricing will vary as materials cost go up and down. Pricing is based on what supplier is used and cost of delivery. Once order is placed will will send you a finalized price. 




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