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Increase sales save time and money

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Increase sales save time and money

Increase sales save time and money.


The Roofing Store is a tool that will help you sell jobs, increase sales save time and money. We support roofers, and roofing companies wanting to show their clients the products available. The roofing Store is the only place where you can find all the roofing brands in one place. I had a large roofing company in Vancouver tell me yesterday since we have been sending our clients here we have increase sales and saved time and money dropping off sample boards.Increase sales save time and money


Remember the days of running sample boards around town? Trying to calculate the cost of your next roof and having to call one of the suppliers to get an estimate?

We know if you’re a roofing a roofing contractor you have an account set up with your preferred supplier. You are also used to running down there to buy what you need. Well how many times did you miss a few things and have to get off the roof and drive all the way back to get a $30.00 item just to finish the roof? The Roofing Store is an online store but we also service are roofing contractors.


Call us for more information about preferred rates and services in your area and start using The Roofing Store as your tool to increase sales and save time and money.


When you buy roofing materials with us you will save money. Ask us how you can save up to 25% on your next purchase.

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